"I Use Johnny’s Seasoning Salt on Everything. EVERYTHING."

"It’s absolutely magic in a bottle. I use it in everything, and there is nothing that it doesn’t improve. At my restaurant, Musang, you won’t find actual salt on the line—you’ll find Johnny’s."

Melissa Miranda

The world's finest seasonings aren't created overnight

They're developed methodically over generations. Our incredibly high standards, combined with over 70 years of experience crafting some of the world's favorite seasonings, sauces, and dressings means that when you buy from Johnny's Fine Foods you are assured of one thing above all else, that our bold flavors can transform your meal into a masterpiece.

Taste the difference

"I made French dip sandwiches the other day for my husband. It's his favorite sandwich. He loved the Au Jus and so did I. As soon as I run out I'm ordering more! Definitely a keeper!"

Rheta G

"I have been a HUGE fan of Johnnys Garlic Parm seasoning for many years and thought what a great gift it would be for family and friends this year…So I bought several to give out! Great gift for any foodie!!"


"Best chili I’ve ever had. So simple to make and I added the diced tomatoes. Delicious!"

Joleen H.

"Johnny’s is a staple at our house. I’ve been using it for 50 years. It’s great on all kinds of meats and poultry, especially. So glad Johnny’s has kept making it available. Thanks!!"

Anne S.

Just in time for the holidays

Johnny's organic gift packs

Bring out the good with Johnny’s Organics! Our organic seasonings pack all that great Johnny’s flavor into every shake and sprinkle. Transform poultry and seafood with our Organic Seasoning Salt or add a dash of Organic Seasoned Pepper to your grilled vegetables. You can also turn a steak into a masterpiece with our Big & Bold Organic Seasoning, which is completely salt free! When it’s Johnny’s, you know it’s going to be good.