Seasoned Pepper

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If you like our Seasoning Salt you’ll love our Seasoned Pepper.  A mix of cracked black pepper, red and green bell peppers, onion and garlic and NO SALT! A true “stovetop” seasoning meant to be used on EVERYTHING!
Much more than just pepper, try Johnny’s Seasoned Pepper on chicken, burgers, steaks, stews, soups, eggs, potatoes, grilled vegetables—literally anything and everything.


Black pepper, sugar, red & green bell pepper, onion, garlic. No salt.

Customer Reviews

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Alice Ramirez
It's awesome

It has such perfect blend of seasonings... I will not buy ANY other pepper This has it all!

Johnny's Seasoned Pepper

This pepper blend is very good, it's blend of black pepper with the red and green pepper really make this pop in my recipes. I like it so much that I regularly purchase it (along with Salad Elegance) online and have it sent to my home in Texas because no grocery store or chain (including Costco) carry either item. So nice to have the availability another way--Thank you!

Carol Ratledge
Happy customer

Very delicious

Tammie Dixon

Love all of these seasonings

Virginia Satterfield
Sugar in The Seasoned Pepper

The Seasoned Pepper is nice. I am grateful it does not contain sale, but disappointed that it contains sugar. I thought I tasted sugar, but wasn't sure until I read the label. I can not have sugar.