Chicken & Pork Seasoning

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Paprika, garlic, salt, sage, marjoram and thyme in a gourmet blend that adds a little elegance to your chicken and pork dishes. 
Shake on Pork, Chicken or Game Bird dishes to bring out full flavor. Mix into any Stuffing Mix or toss over Potatoes or Steamed Vegetables. Add to Gravy or Sauces. Enhance your Rice or Pasta Dishes.


Sea salt, monosodium glutamate, paprika, garlic*, spices*. *Dehydrated

Contains: MSG

Customer Reviews

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Allen Steffler
Chicken & Pork Seasoning

I have been using this seasoning for years and it is just the best.

Gerald Van De Hey
I used Jonny's Pork and Chicken Seasoning at home 46 years and still do so dose my10 siblings

its Good stuff

Angela Douglas

Great seasoning flavor on everything!

joan Matzke
Chicken & Pork Seasoning

I was so glad I was able to get this from you. Very hard to find in Texas stores.
I had ask several stores to no avail. You made my day. Chicken is not easy to do in the microwave but chicken breast with bone in seasoned with Johnny’s Chicken and Pork Seasoning and white wine is tasty and healthy. Mine always comes out moist. Thanks again

Ron Renard
Love This Stuff

I use P&C on just about everything, love it.
Wonderful on radishes and steaks 🥩 just to name a few.
This has been my favorite seasoning for years.