Calling all Concentrates!


Here you’ll learn what tasty flavors to expect when cooking with our concentrates, as well as a dish idea for each concentrate you might not expect!

Au Jus:
Bold and beefy. We combine red wine vinegar, tomato paste, onions, roasted garlic and Worcestershire sauce to tenderize and marinate your meat, bringing out it’s full beef flavor in every bite.

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Holiday Hash: Leftover holiday roast, cooked veggies, chopped spinach, poached egg and Johnny’s French Dip Au Jus.

Beef Gravy: Onions, mushrooms, and and delicious beef broth. You’ll be asking for some mashed potatoes to go with your gravy, instead of the other way around.

Poutine : French fries, Johnny’s Beef Gravy, cheddar cheese curds and bacon bits (optional)!

Sloppy Johnny: Red & green bell peppers, ripe tomatoes, soy sauce, roasted garlic, pineapple juice, chipotle pepper, and a smokey flavor–it can’t be topped.

Sloppy Joe Mashed Potato Cups: Mashed potatoes in muffin tin, Sloppy Johnny’s leftover meat, topped with cheddar cheese and sour cream.

Skillet Taco: Tomatoes, roasted garlic, onions and bell peppers, with a punch of paprika and chili pepper. It’s taco time!

Taco Omelette: Johnny’s Skillet Taco meat folded into seasoned egg omelette, topped with sour cream, green onions and tomatoes.

I put my Garlic Spread on…

1. French bread (as a spread) 2. Meatballs 3. French fries 4. Eggs (scrambled, poached, you name it!) 5. Broiled potatoes 6. Flatbread 7. Salad dressing (add it to Ranch for a little extra flavor!) 8. The water you boil your pasta in (for flavoring) 9. Grilled asparagus 10. In bread dough 11. Lasagna 12. Vegetable soup 13. Burgers 14. Rice 15. Avocados 16. Steamed Read More

Pump Up the Pumpkin!

Fresh Pumpkin or Puree Immune-boosting Eye health Preventing Coronary Heart Disease High in fiber High in protein Low calorie/fat Provides 50% of daily value of Vitamin K, which may reduce the risk of some types of cancer Seeds Magnesium, Potassium and Zinc Block enlargement of prostate gland Lowers risk of bladder stones Help prevent depression High levels of Phytosterols, which reduce cholesterol and Read More

That moment when…

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Fun Fall Activities

Pick apples. Go to a corn maze. Play football. Go for a hike. Collect colorful leaves. Rent a cabin in the mountains. Go to a local football tailgate party. Plant bulbs in your garden for next Spring. Run a race. Take a drive in the country. Eat a PB&J sandwich. Make a pine cone bird feeder. Buy something from a bake sale. Check Read More