Delicious representation of Marinated Hot and Crazy Kabobs

Marinated Hot and Crazy Kabobs

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  • 4Servings
  • 00:10Prep Time
  • 00:25Cook Time

4. Marinated Sweet Hot Crazy Potatoes


1 (1½ lb.) pkg. Klondike Gourmet Mini Potatoes

1 cup Johnny’s Sweet Hot and Crazy Sauce

Wooden Skewers


  1. Fill a large bowl or container with water. Soak the wooden skewers in the water for 3 hours to overnight. This will prevent them from burning on the grill.
  2. Wash the potatoes and cut each one in half. Place in a large bowl. Pour on the Sweet Hot and Crazy Sauce. Stir to coat. Marinate for 2 hours or more.
  3. When ready to grill, skewer potato halves. Place potatoes on the grill and grill for 15-25 minutes or until tender. Baste with extra sauce as you grill. Serve hot.

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