Delicious representation of Hearty Venison (or beef) Stew

Hearty Venison (or beef) Stew

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  • 7Servings
  • 00:15Prep Time
  • 07:00Cook Time


3 lbs stewing meat (venison or beef)
2- 8 oz. jars of “Johnny’s French Onion” Au Jus sauce
1 – Jar of “Johnny’s Hunter’s blend” seasoning salt
1 small zucchini
1 small sweet red pepper
3 large carrots
1 medium onion
1 stalk of celery
¼ lb fresh white mushrooms
1/2 lb potatoes
3 tablespoons minced garlic
8 oz water
Crock pot to cook ingredients.


  1. Cut all vegetables and meat into one inch cubes.
  2. Place cubed meat into pan and braise on medium high heat until brown on all sides. Be sure and season well with Johnny’s “Hunters Blend”.
  3. Place all ingredients, including minced garlic and Johnny’s “Hunters Blend” to taste, in crock pot. Pour au jus mix and water over vegetables and meat. Set on medium heat and let cook for several hours. This stew can be made ahead and refrigerated to be cooked while at work for instance.
  4. Serve finished stew in large bowls with toasted French bread! Enjoy!

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