Delicious representation of Grilled Ahi with Wasabi

Grilled Ahi with Wasabi

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4 oz Ahi Tuna
½ ripe avocado
Mandarin orange pieces or fresh orange sections
Cherry tomatoes
Fresh lemon
Spring mixed greens
Wasabi powder
“Johnny’s Ranch dressing”
“Johnny’s Honey! You’re Terrific dressing”
Red onion slices


  1. Mix Johnny’s honey mustard dressing with equal parts honey.
  2. Place tuna in this mixture to marinade for 10 minutes.
  3. Remove and charbroil rare.
  4. Place spring mix onto chilled plate, top with sliced rare ahi tuna, avocado, Mandarin orange and onions.
  5. Garnish with tomato and lemon.
  6. Mix Wasabi powder with the ranch dressing to your taste, usually about a tablespoon wasabi to two cups dressing or so. Serve dressing on the side.

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