BBQ can be healthy too!


  1. BBQ Sandwich – use lean turkey break instead of pork cuts. Use greek yogurt instead of sour cream for cold slaw.
  2. Pork tenderloin is so lean, you can enjoy a serving for less than 200 calories and only 5 grams of fat. Add some soy sauce and chili garlic sauce for a tangy Asian flavor!
  3. Don’t let the charred build up transfer to your meal! Protect your meat by wrapping it in foil, or use a marinade! Marinades limit carcinogens from forming while grilling.
  4. Keep raw meat away from veggies and other foods!
  5. Get trim! Make your meat instantly healthier by trimming some of that fat off the edges.
  6. You’ve probably used ground beef your whole life, but go ahead and try turkey or veggie burgers, as well as grilled fish! You might just like it even BETTER.
  7. Include more veggies and fruit in your BBQ dinner plans. Both taste great hot off the grill!