Grills for all types.


Gas Grills –

“The Impatient Chef”

These are best for the impatient chef who wants to quickly fire up the grill and cook a meal without having to worry about the prep and cleanup of charcoal.

Disadvantages: Flavor and price.

  • You will only get a hint of smoke flavor compared to a genuine charcoal grill or smoker; you really can’t smoke meats without a charcoal grill.
  • While inexpensive gas grills do exist, the mechanisms involved ensure that they will always be more expensive than a comparable charcoal model.

Charcoal Grills-

“The Grillmaster”

These are for those who long for that smoky, grilled flavor.  Charcoal burns at a higher temperature than gas, allowing a skilled grillmaster to easily sear meat. There’s no doubt that charcoal grills have a distinct romance factor that is clearly lacking with a modern gas grill.

Disadvantages: Time involved and the expense of charcoal.

  • With a charcoal grill, you can’t just fire it up and throw something on it. Getting the grill ready to go takes at least 45 minutes of starting the coals and pre-heating the grill. You will also need to spend some time cleaning up your grill and disposing of the ashes when you’re done.
  • Purchasing charcoal is also quite expensive when compared to gas.

Electric Grills-

“The City Dweller”

These grills are best for the city dwellers who are prohibited by fire regulations to use gas or charcoal grills. These are powered by electricity and cook meat using heated grill plates – no fire required. There are indoor and outdoor varieties available.

Disadvantages: Taste.

  • Electric grills can produce results that look similar to their fire-powered cousins (grill marks are easy to come by), but they are not a replacement for the traditional grill. The smoky flavor is all but lost when using electricity.

Portable Grills-

“The Tailgater”

These grills are best for the tailgater. If you love a good outdoor picnic or a perfectly cooked brat in the parking lot before the big game, this is the grill for you because they can run on propane or charcoal and are easily transported from one location to another.

Disadvantages: Size.

  • You can’t cook hamburgers for all 50 of your closest friends and fans at the same time. And if you’re cooking for a large crowd, you might be on grill duty all day.