We’re Raising the Steaks.

Here’s the place where you’ll find everything you need to know about steak.


When buying a steak, there’s a couple of things to consider.


GRADE: Buy the best grade of meat you can afford!
  1. Prime: The highest grade in the United States meat grading system. Prime Beef has has an abundant amount of marbling (the network of fine lines of white fat). This marbling, as well as other factors such as feed quality, and aging of the meat, adds to the rich flavor and fine texture of the best cuts! 
  2. Choice: It’s the next best grade of beef. Choice has less marbling than Prime but more than Select. Select can be somewhat more tough in texture and can dry out more easily when overcooked. Choice beef is typically found at your local grocery store.
  3. Select: Select has the least amount of marbling of the top three grades, making it leaner but possibly less tender, juicy or flavorful than Prime or Choice. Select is not recommended for top-quality steaks; it’s what they serve on planes, people. Spend a little more-it’s worth it I promise!



  • Marbling is the fine specks of fat within the meat. Studies show marbling doesn’t significantly increase the calories you’re consuming, but greatly enhances the flavor, juiciness and tenderness. Also, the fat insulates the meat to protect it against overcooking!
  • If you don’t want animal fat in your diet, then don’t eat steak. Avoiding fat in steak is avoiding steak altogether!
THICKNESS: Thickness matters, and it’s more important than weight. The best steaks are 1-1 1/2 inches thick. If it’s too thin, it’s more likely to become dried out and overcooked.
TEMPERATURE: Always let your steaks come to room temp (about 70 degrees F) before cooking or grilling. This may require you to take your steaks out of the fridge 30 minutes to an hour before cooking. Cooking a cold steak will react with the heat and cause the meat to toughen. This is the #1 rookie mistake!
When cooking, use a heat thermometer!
  • Rare – 120 degrees F
  • Medium Rare – 125-130 degrees F
  • Well-done – 140 degrees F

Remember, your steaks will continue to cook 15-20 minutes after you take them off the heat due to the internal heat of the meat. So pay attention to how quickly you’ll be serving the steaks after cooking!


SALTING: Coat both sides of your juicy steak with Johnny’s Steak Seasoning-don’t be stingy! Pour it on! Let it sit at room temp for 1 hour. Before cooking, rinse off the seasoning completely (Don’t worry, Johnny’s has already gone to work and penetrated your cut of beef!). Pat dry! Make sure your meat is completely dry-you don’t want to steam it, you want to grill it! Pour on some more Johnny’s after your meat is cooked to perfection!

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